Buy a KMK ticket

Where to buy tickets that must be validated

  • at certain points of sale (e.g. shops, newsagents),
  • at Public Transport in Kraków Passenger Service Point at 1 Wielopole St. – from 50 pcs. or with a minimum value of 500 PLN,
  • from stationary KKM ticket machines (in the Kraków City Card system) or in the MKA (Małopolska Agglomeration Card system),
  • using mobile applications: mPay, iMKA, moBiLET, SkyCash, jakdojade or (70-minute combined tickets in: iMKA and mPay),
  • using partner applications: Santander Bank, Millennium Bank, BNP Paribas, PKO BP, Alior Bank, PeoPay (Bank Pekao SA), ING Bank Śląski, Velo Bank S.A., Provema,
  • 70-minute combined tickets: at ticket machines on KMŁ trains and at KMŁ staff (only for departure on the day of purchase),
  • from ticket machines located in the vehicles, in cash or with a payment card, in accordance with the form of payment marked on the pictogram on the vehicle entrance door (sticker AUTOMAT BILETOWY with the appropriate pictogram):

Invoice for tickets

If you wish to obtain an invoice for tickets purchased through:

  • stationary and mobile ticket machines of Kraków City Card system – please send your request to,
  • stationary ticket machines of Małopolska Agglomeration Card system – please send your request to

Important information about mobile applications
Registration and top-up of the account in mobile application systems should take place before entering the vehicle. The time of purchasing a ticket depends on the range and speed of operation of the mobile phone network. The Public Transport Authority in Kraków is not responsible for any resulting delays or inability to purchase a ticket. A passenger using a mobile ticket is obliged to purchase such a ticket immediately after entering the vehicle. The short term ticket is validated at the time of purchase. In order to purchase a ticket for validation in the application it is necessary to enter the number of the vehicle, it consists of 2 letters and 3 number. The number can be found on the sticker above each validator in the vehicle. At the moment of starting a ticket inspection in a vehicle, the sale of mobile tickets for the inspected vehicle should be blocked. An attempt to purchase a short term ticket when the sale of mobile tickets is blocked to the number of another vehicle is tantamount to an attempt to purchase a ticket and validate it after the request to present the ticket, and therefore such a ticket will be considered invalid.

Where to buy Metropolitan Tickets and Resident Tickets

Where to buy welfare tickets and tickets for unemployed