Good practice

Road safety

Use the principle of limited trust, maintaining eye contact with drivers as much as possible

Clearly signal if you intend to change the direction of travel

Keep sufficient distance from curbs or parked cars

Driving side by side (in pairs) is allowed as long as it does not obstruct the movement of other vehicles

On streets where the tram track is close to the curb, drive in the middle of the tracks

When crossing a tram track, try to do so at the sharpest possible angle

In tune with pedestrians

Watch out for pedestrians

Pavements are for walking, not for cycling

Do not cycle across pedestrian crossings, get off the bike and walk it to the other side

Do not talk on the phone while cycling

Take your headphones off and listen to what’s going on around you

Always ride on the right, including in cycle lanes

Be properly prepared

Ensure your bike has at least one working brake and a bell

Install adequate front and rear lighting and a red reflector

Make sure you wear the right clothing for the weather conditions

Use only solid bicycle locks, e.g. a horseshoe (u-lock) or chain with thick links

Fasten the frame and the front wheel to the bicycle rack

Do not fasten the bike to a tree