P+R car parks

In accordance with the adopted parking policy, there are two complementary systems of car parks in Kraków. The first type are cubature car parks, located in the centre of Kraków, which operate on a commercial basis. The second is a Park and Ride system, labelled P+R, which is closely linked to public transport, with car parks located in the area of tram terminals and major transfer points.

The essence of the Park and Ride system is for public transport to take over the majority of journeys made by private cars from external areas into Kraków, and in particular to the city centre. An attractive offer, efficient public transport and the possibility of continuing your journey with a parking ticket are intended both as an incentive to use them and as compensation for the limited accessibility into the city centre by car. Locating car parks in the P+R system directly at the start stops (tram terminals) is intended to make the proposition even more attractive, offering an alternative for travelling around the city.

There are currently six Park and Ride car parks in Kraków managed by the Public Transport Authority in Kraków. These are:

The P+R car parks may operate in the so-called open, closed system and as titular car parks. In car parks in an open system ticket control is carried out manually. The remaining car parks operate in a closed system. They are equipped with Ticket Control System devices and an interoperating Car Park Charge Collection System (entry and exit barriers). Access to these car parks is by inserting a valid card into a reader, by scanning the QR code generated in the app or by collecting the ticket. Each time the system records the registration number of the vehicle and during leaving the car park, the system verifies the departing vehicle by comparing the previously recorded data at the entrance. Users entering the car park by car on the basis of a parking ticket are required to pay a fee in accordance with the price list of car park charges before leaving the car park. A different pool of P+R tickets is available at each car park, therefore you should pay attention to the price list and entitlements resulting from the purchase of one of the selected tickets, which are described in the appendix to the rules and regulations for using the Park and Ride (P+R) car parks in Kraków. The ticket is valid from the time it is purchased until 2.30 am on the following day, i.e. until the car park is closed. Payments can be made at the car park ticket office by card or by contactless payment at the exit terminal. The car park user who enters the car park and leaves it within 10 minutes after entry is exempted from the car park charge. Titular car parks are publicly accessible parking spaces, located in the area of KMK public transport hubs, where, according to the traffic organisation, the parking rules applied to car parks operating in the P+R system are in force.

The parking ticket office only handles non-cash payments.