About us

ZTP mission

Mobility management is one of the most difficult areas of city management, affecting almost all inhabitants. Ever since mankind received one of the best inventions in history, the automobile, at the beginning of the twentieth century, there has been a progressive change in the mobility behaviour of the population and the adaptation of urban areas to the increasing number of vehicles on the road. Globally, the adaptation of cities to the demand for car travel by building wide arterial roads and car parks peaked during the post-World War II modernism period, but by the 1970s it was recognised that it was not possible to build a road network that was free from traffic jams. This is when the idea of sustainable mobility was born, which was based on giving a greater role to public transport, walking and cycling, which are much more efficient, which in turn can reduce time loss and emissions, and improve safety in everyday travel in urban areas. The same happened in Kraków, where the first changes took place back in the 1980s, although in most Polish cities the ideas of sustainable mobility were not put into practice until the 21st century.

Today, we are trying to continue the work of balancing mobility, but we are also looking ahead to the next stage of evolution, which is mobility management through space. The goal is simple: quality of life and residents’ satisfaction with living in Kraków, so that they can be proud of the place where they realize their hopes and ambitions.

Main tasks of ZTP

The Public Transport Authority in Kraków (ZTP) is an organisational unit of the Municipality of Kraków established by Resolution No. CVIII/2810/18 of the Kraków City Council of 29 August 2018 on the establishment and approval of the statute of the budgetary unit Public Transport Authority in Kraków. It is responsible for organising, supervising and conducting all matters related to public collective transport within the territory of the Municipality of Kraków and neighbouring municipalities in accordance with agreements concluded. The main tasks of the unit include:

  • planning, implementation and supervision of tasks related to the organisation of transport within the framework of public collective transport,
  • ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of public collective transport,
  • management and maintenance of selected elements of public transport infrastructure for direct passenger service and passenger information display, e.g. modular bus shelters and bus stop posts with equipment,
  • maintenance and development of the urban bicycle system,
  • implementation of municipal policies on behalf of the Municipality of Kraków in the field of bicycle traffic, pedestrian traffic and personal transport devices, e.g. scooters,
  • managing the development of paid parking zones within the territory of the Municipality of Kraków,
  • implementation of tasks related to the development of the City Information System,
  • management of the functioning of the Park and Ride car parks in the Municipality of Kraków,
  • implementation of the Clean Transport Zone in Kraków.

The detailed scope of ZTP’s activities is described in the Organizational Regulations of the Public Transport Authority in Kraków introduced by Order No. 74/2022 of the Director of the Public Transport Authority in Kraków of 16 December 2022.


Management of the ZTP

  • Director: Łukasz Franek
  • Deputy Director – Director for Organisation and Supervision: Magdalena Musiał
  • Director of the Traffic Management Center: Łukasz Gryga